By now, you have probably heard about Nanobacteria (aka CNPs or NPs). Our Mayo Clinic researchers: Drs. Cockerill, Lieske & Miller refer to Nanobacteria as NPs. NPs or CNPs have been finally declared as "not-alive" by feuding microbiologists, but nonetheless they do meet criteria as a unique, recently-discovered and described form of infectious pathogen. They have met Koch's Postulates for different diseases by different researchers at prestigious institutions. Most all are aware that Viruses and Prions cause disease, and they are not "alive" according to current microbiological definitions either. Nanobacteria, like Prions & Viruses have not met the microbiological criteria of being "alive", yet they self-replicate under normal physiologic pH & concentrations, use VLDL & LDL cholesterol as their "food" and cause a great deal of both short-term and long-term health problems including inflammation and pathological calcification, calcified arteriosclerotic plaque, kidney stones, PKD, Chronic Prostatitis and are suspected to be involved in many more chronic health issues.

CNPs were originally discovered in 1988 and named "Nanobacterium sanguineum" or "Nanobacteria" by our Finnish scientist E. Olavi Kajander, MD, PhD. By calling them Nanobacteria, he immediately upset the microbiology gurus, and started a scientific furor. Kajander later said that he wished he would have called them something else, because the "bacteria" part of the name caused microbiologists to apply their criteria for "living" to the nano-sized self-replicating infectious particles. Now they are referred to as Nanobacteria or CNPs by most researchers. Our Cleveland Clinic and NASA researchers call them CNPs, but they're all talking about Dr. Kajander's Nanobacteria all the same! Researchers give these nano-sized CNPs a great deal of deference and respect because they are everywhere, hard to observe and hard to culture and isolate. Nanobiotech Pharma founder Gary Mezo invented our patented non-prescription "nanobiotics": NanobacTX, Urobac, RegenurEYES and others. NanoBiotech Pharma is the only source of his nanobiotics. 

CNPs have been shown to be the active and direct cause of pathological calcification in human tissues, joints, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, kidney stones, gallstones, cataracts, cancers, microvascular disease, coronary artery plaque, calcified atherosclerotic plaque, calcified pineal glands & neurological (Alzheimer's & MS) plaques and even "brain sand". Research has shown that where NPs reside, you will find pathological calcification & the attendant inflammation.....and vice-versa.

Coronary Artery Calcification (CAC) plaque grows upon itself at a rate of 44% per year. As CAC increases, plaques grow, the vaso vasorum cause neovascularization to the area, thereby revving-up the inflammatory responses. When these plaques become a certain size, they outgrow their intimal-medial space in the arterial walls and become inflamed and "unstable". In this state of inflammation and instability these plaques are considered by current endovascular research as "vulnerable plaques", because they are in a state that is primed and poised for plaque rupture. CNPs have been shown to cause pathological calcification and inflammation wherever they reside.

As you probably remember among the cornerstones of your medical studies: pathological calcification has never been addressed scientifically other than to say it is "idiopathic" or just a part of aging. Biochemically, that makes no sense. Did you ever wonder WHY? In the absence of an active Mechanism-of-Action, pathological calcification of tissues is quite impossible at normal (physiologic) levels of calcium & phosphate. The mechanism-of-action of pathological calcification is, in fact, an active biological process secondary to CNP infection. CNPs utilize and oxidize LDL and VLDL from the serum, calcium & phosphate (and many other blood & serum components) to form a slimy lipopolysaccharide (LPS) biofilm endotoxin that revs-up and chronically stimulates our immune reaction. They also form calcium phosphate (apatite) shells "igloos" around their resident 25-200 nanometer-sized colonies.....and they can, over time, aggrigate to become as large as kidney stones or gallstones.

Our discoveries have led to the invention & development of unique multiple disease-targeted nanobiotics that have been shown in peer-reviewed, published clinical studies to safely and effectively dissolve/eliminate pathological calcification as well as the associated inflammation and plaques......

"Atherosclerosis is not a symptom of is the other way around: Atherosclerosis is the principal cause of most all structural changes that we all see as aging! By reversing the existing effects & presence of atherosclerosis, we directly address the structural and symptomatic effects of aging. For example, consider what atherosclerosis does to the endocrine system: over time microvascular disease affects tissue beds and as it progresses....the process causes end-organ atrophy and subsequent hormonal hypo-function. If by reversing atherosclerosis, we resupply the tissues with adequate bloodflow again....we can then later use sophisticated techniques to challenge & stimulate the endocrine system to produce hormones at pre-atherosclerotic levels. All tissues and end-organs benefit from improved bloodflow. Reverse atherosclerosis, improve perfusion and you reverse tissue & organ aging!"

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